1999 All School Reunion


This Reunion was held in Great Bend, Kansas

During the Reunion, tours were offered at The Cal-Maine Egg
plant located north and west of Chase. The following are a few photos taken on our tour.

Wanda Bliss, Joyce Bliss, Gerald Cole

After taking the egg plant tour we went by Chase High School for a look see--this was taken in the gym.
Sherry Bliss Cole, Wanda Bliss, Paul & Joyce Bliss

During the reunion we celebrated our 35th Class Reunion at the hotel with a pizza party

Connie Adams Weber, Jerome Steffan, Patty Link Lewis, Sherry Bliss Cole,
 Vickie Mernaugh Young, Barbara link Phelan & Kenny Malone

Barbara Link Phelan, Jerome Steffan, Kenny Malone & Patty Link Lewis

Carol Kirsch Mitchell & Sherry Bliss Cole

Kenny Malone & Connie Adams Weber

Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Patty Link Lewis, Sherry Bliss Cole & Connie Adams Weber

Lawrence Mitchell & Gerald Cole

Dave & Connie Adams Weber

Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Patty Link Lewis, Connie Adams Weber, Jerome Steffan & Sherry Bliss Cole

The Bliss Kids
Sherry, Paul Jr & Paula

Lawrence & Carol Kirsch Mitchell

Sherry Bliss Cole, Vickie Mernaugh Young & Patty Link Lewis

Dick & Karen Keesling

Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

Merle & Patty Link Lewis

Kenny Malone

Harold & Carol Malone Goble

Pat & Barbara Link Phelan

Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Vickie Mernaugh Young, Patty Link Lewis, Dick Keesling,
Sherry Bliss Cole, Barbara Link Phelan, Kenny Malone & Carol Malone Goble

Paul & Joyce Bliss, Class of 1967

Sherry Bliss Cole & David Blevins, Class of 1965

Our School Principal from earlier years--Mr. Bernard Martin, Gene Haas on the side

Class of 1961--Jack Boyd, Donna Kelso, Paula Bliss, Nadine Link, Bob Reynolds, jay Laessig & Leonard Reed
Sorry using maiden names--lol

The Bliss kids clean up nice--lol
Paula, Paul Jr & Sherry

Paula Bliss Bieberle, Class of 1961 & Pat Werther Douglas, Class of 1960


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