45th Class Reunion

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In the park taking a breather, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Gary Huck & Howard Kennedy.

Patty Link Lewis, Edie Werther Couture & Judy Kennedy.

Kenny Malone, Lee Couture & Merle Lewis.

A resident at the park

Edie Werther Couture & Gerald Cole.

On the trail over to the gondola. Kenny Malone, Edie Werther Couture, Howard Kennedy & Bruce Hamburger

Also on trail to gondola. Gary Huck, Bruce Hamburger, Edie Werther Couture,
Howard Kennedy and in background, Judy Malone, Lee Couture and Merle Lewis

Back view from the gondola going up. That is Telluride, Co. at the bottom.

Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole in gondola.
I am smiling on the outside and screaming on the inside.
I DO not like heights.

This is how I really felt!

Jim & Sandi Richardson Hodnett.

Judy Kennedy

Bruce Hamburger

Patty Link Lewis

Getting off the gondola on the other side. Howard Kennedy & Gary Huck.

Safe on the other side

Merle Lewis, Patty Link Lewis, Edie Werther Couture & Gerald Cole

Howard Kennedy & Bruce Hamburger.

Oh yes, what goes over must come back. These classmates had to
endure my gasps and groans on the way back. Judy Malone & Edie Werther Couture.

Lee & Edie Werther Couture.

Kenny Malone

Howard Kennedy

Gary Huck & Judy Kennedy

Gary Huck's moment of panic on the gondola.

Other Gondolas and Telluride

Howard & Judy seeing some friends that used to live there

Time out for lunch at Smugglers

Patty Link Lewis & Judy Kennedy

Taking a little break

Waiting for the rest of the shopper to arrive.

Back Row--Gerald Cole, Merle Lewis, Lee Couture, Bruce Hamburger,
Howard Kennedy, Kenny Malone & Judy Malone

Front Row--Judy Kennedy, Sherry Bliss Cole, Edie Werther Couture,
Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Gary Huck, Patty Link Lewis & Jim Hodnett

A little closer look at us.

After an enjoyable day in Telluride we all arrive back at the lodge
Lee Couture, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Sherry Bliss Cole,
Gerald Cole, Jim Hodnett, Gary Huck & Kenny Malone

After returning from Telluride a walk was taken. Patty Link Lewis, Judy Kennedy, Jim Hodnett,
Edie Werther Couture, Sandi Richardson Hodnett and Sherry Bliss Cole taking the  picture.

Sherry Bliss Cole, Judy Kennedy, Patty Link Lewis & Edie Werther Couture

From across the river, a view of Howard & Judy's house.

One side of Howard & Judy's house

Another View

And a view with the old log cabin in it

From across the river, a view of Howard & Judy's cabin.

Saturday night we ate at the Blue Jay Lodge. Judy Kennedy,
Howard Kennedy, Lee Couture & Edie Werther Couture.

Gerald Cole, Jim Hodnett, Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Gary Huck.

Merle Lewis & Bruce Hamburger

Patty Link Lewis, Sherry Bliss Cole, Jim Hodnett,
Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Gary Huck. Kenny Malone & Judy Malone.

Kenny Malone, Judy Malone & Judy Kennedy

A thank you gift to our hosts Judy & Howard Kennedy

This was Coles prime rib AFTER he was finished.
Couldn't eat it all. You will not go hungry at the Blue Jay Lodge

Lee & Edie Werther Couture

Kenny & Judy Malone

Merle & Patty Link Lewis

Bruce Hamburger

Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

Jim & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

Gary Huck

Judy & Howard Kennedy

Jim & Sandi thought they would eat light and just order a pancake. lol. Bruce Hamburger also in pic.

After some of us left to return home Howard & Judy Kennedy, Jim & Sandi Richardson Hodnett
and Bruce Hamburger took a hike at Bridal Veil Falls. Here are Howard, Bruce and Jim.

Bruce Hamburger & Howard Kennedy

Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Judy Kennedy

Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Judy Kennedy

Bruce Hamburger, Judy Kennedy, Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Howard Kennedy

Jim Hodnett, Bruce Hamburger & Howard Kennedy

One view of the falls

Another view

Bruce Hamburger, Howard & Judy Kennedy & Jim Hodnett

Part of the falls

Closer view

Bruce Hamburger


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