45th Class Reunion


Hosted by Howard & Judy Kennedy at their home in Placerville, Co

Photos by Merle Lewis, Jim & Sandi Hodnett,
Bruce Hamburger & Gerald & Sherry Cole


Kenny & Judy Malone, Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole, Merle & Patty Link Lewis stayed in Canon City, Co.  Quality Inn
Thursday night on the way to Placerville. Several famous people stayed here while making movies.
They had plaques on the doors of the rooms they stayed in. Here are a couple of the plaques.

Some of the movies that were filmed in the area were, Cat Ballou, Scarecrow, Saddle The Wind, The Outcast, Barquero,
Then Came Bronson, The Cowboys, Mr Majestyk, The Duchess and the Dirt Water Fox, How The West Was Won,
True Grit, The Sacketts, Lightning Jack and many more.

Stars that stayed there were, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Herb Brown, Glen Ford, Slim Pickens, Jane Fonda,
Corey Haim, Herb Brown Jr, Sam Elliot, Goldie Hawn, John Belushi, Patty Duke, James Caan, Ben Johnson,
Blair Brown, Pat Buttram, James Arness, Tom Selleck and Jeff Osterhage.

The Quality Inn had a bar with great food so we ate there for the evening meal. Judy & Kenny Malone.

Patty Link Lewis

Gerald Cole

Sherry Bliss Cole & Judy Malone

They served a very nice complimentary breakfast. Judy and Kenny Malone, Gerald Cole

Eggs, biscuits and gravy, Patty Link Lewis

Nice assortment of muffins, fruit

Bread, bagels and cereal

Patty Link Lewis, Merle Lewis, Gerald Cole and Judy Malone

In Montrose, Co if  you just want a light lunch do not stop here--lol

Just one pic of the beautiful scenery on the way.

We arrive at the Blue Jay Lodge, Placerville, Co. They made us feel very welcome.

The ground floor that you see behind Kenny was our group of  rooms.
Kenny Malone, Judy Malone & Gerald Cole

Room of Gerald & Sherry Bliss Cole

Free WiFi

Each had a patio

This is the parking lot at the Blue Jay Lodge

The bar/lounge patio at Blue Jay Lodge

Blue Jay Lodge patio

At Howard & Judy Kennedys cabin. Edie Werther Couture, Sandi Richardson Hodnett
and Patty Link Lewis looking at a photo from our 30th reunion.

Judy Kennedy, Sherry Bliss Cole, Judy Malone,
Patty Link Lewis , Edie Werther Couture & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

Front view of Sandi Hodnett, Edie Couture & Patty Lewis

Judy Malone, Howard Kennedy & Judy Kennedy

Judy Kennedy & Sherry Cole

Lee Couture, Kenny Malone & Gary Huck

Merle Lewis, Jim Hodnett & Gerald Cole

Lee Couture

Howard & Judy own the property across from the river too so Jim Hodnett,
Howard Kennedy & Merle Lewis took a hike over there.

Merle Lewis, Howard Kennedy and Heidi

 Howard Kennedy & Jim Hodnett

Pic Merle took from across the river--Sherry Bliss Cole, Patty Link Lewis,
Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Judy Malone

Howards cabin from across the river

Another pretty view from across the river of the cabin

Merle catches Jim Hodnett at work taking photos

Howard and Judy's dog Heidi  joined the guys on the hike.

Jim Hodnett and Howard Kennedy

Kenny & Judy Malone

Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Edie Werther Couture,
Patty Link Lewis, Judy Kennedy & Sherry Bliss Cole

Sandi Richardson Hodnett and Patty Link Lewis in front room of  Howards house.

One of Howards pianos of which he plays.

Judy Kennedy sitting in their bedroom on a quilt that she made and came in 1st.

Sandi Richardson Hodnett standing in the doorway
of the over 100 year old cabin next to the Kennedys house.

Howard Kennedy grilling the hamburgers and chicken while Merle Lewis supervises.

Jim Hodnett, Gerald Cole, Kenny Malone getting
in on the action with Howard Kennedy

Kenny Malone

Our hosts Judy & Howard Kennedy and Kenny Malone enjoying a burger.

Bruce Hamburger & Howard Kennedy coming up steps. At picnic table enjoying the good food
Howard and Judy prepared for us is Jim & Sandi Richardson Hodnett and Kenny & Judy Malone

Sandi Hodnett, Howard & Judy Kennedy

Bruce Hamburger & Howard Kennedy

Gary Huck--yummy food!

Sherry Bliss Cole & Edie Werther Couture enjoying the good food

Setting up for the group photo

Our first group photo of the weekend. L-R Howard Kennedy, Kenny Malone, Sherry Bliss Cole,
Patty Link Lewis, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Edie Werther Couture, Bruce Hamburger & Gary Huck.

We have the bestest supporting spouses ever! L-R Jim Hodnett, Gerald Cole,
Judy Kennedy, Merle Lewis, Judy Malone & Lee Couture. Too look at us as a group
you can't tell where the classmates and the spouses start and leave off.

Meeting for breakfast on Saturday. Gerald Cole standing, Jim Hodnett,
Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Lee Couture. Edie is hidden behind Lee.

Back of the Blue Jay Lodge

Kenny & Judy Malone visiting with Lee Couture while
waiting for everyone to get ready to go into Telluride

Gerald & Sherry Cole

Another group pic at the lodge--Gary Huck, Howard Kennedy, Edie Werther Couture, Bruce Hamburger,
Sherry Bliss Cole, Patty Link Lewis, Kenny Malone & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

The spouses taking the group pic and Merle Lewis taking them.
Judy Malone, Jim Hodnett, Gerald Cole & Judy Kennedy

Sandi and Kenny joking around

Howard Kennedy taking Bruce Hamburgers pic while
Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Judy Kennedy and Gerald Cole look on

Telluride, CO

Gary Huck, Howard Kennedy & Edie Werther Couture standing in front
of what was the first bank that Butch Cassidy ever held up.
This is in Telluride, Co.

Some of the stores and the Sheridan Hotel

Edie Werther Couture and Sandi Richardson Hodnett

Howard Kennedy, Bruce Hamburger, Sherry Bliss Cole, Judy Kennedy,
Edie Werther Couture, Kenny Malone, Gary Huck & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

Court House

Crossing the street, Kenny Malone, Bruce Hamburger, Gary Huck, Howard Kennedy,
Edie Werther Couture, Judy Malone, Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Judy Malone

One of the many beautiful views in Telluride, Co

Merle Lewis holding out on us that he owns a business--lol

Neat shop--Gerald Cole, Judy Kennedy, Kenny Malone,
Edie Werther Couture, Judy Malone, Patty Link Lewis & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

Time for a bathroom break at the Library

Patty Link Lewis, Sherry Bliss Cole, Judy Kennedy, Gary Huck &
Gerald Cole head for the park to catch up with the others.

A pic of how they looked back then.

How they look now

Edie Werther Couture & Sandi Richardson Hodnett enticing a customer

By the old jail--Gerald Cole, Edie Werther Couture, Lee Couture,
Bruce Hamburger, Judy Kennedy, Kenny Malone, Patty Link Lewis & Gary Huck

Sherry Bliss Cole, Gerald Cole, Judy Kennedy, Judy Malone

Judy & Kenny Malone

On the way to the park-Gary Huck, Gerald Cole, Sherry Cole, Patty Lewis,
Judy Kennedy, Edie Couture, Bruce Hamburger & Howard Kennedy.

On the walk to the park, Lee Couture & Merle Lewis.


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