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August 27. my sister Paula Bliss Bieberle and I met at the home of Kenny & Judy Malone to go through their Kats Kapers that they so graciously loaned us. We also got to look at some of Kenny's Chase School days mementos. Very interesting! Kenny was still missing a few Kats Kapers that Paula needed so Judy suggested looking in the High School mementos. The School was very gracious in lending us the key to the cabinet and letting us copy off anything we needed. We found everything Paula needed and I found some more tidbits to share for our class. We left a donation with the school for all the paper we used but they were very reluctant to take it. We insisted and that was that---lol. Thanks to Kenny and Judy and the School staff.

December 20, 1960

What do you want for Most Christmas?

Barbara link, clever stuffed animals; Sandra Richardson, shoes; Carol Malone, matching sweater and skirt; Sharleen Hulsebusch, a record player; Sherry Bliss, a desk with matching chair; Elma Ray, a day to do whatever I please; Vicki Mernagh, a billfold with money, Karen McGee, a good camera,; Annette Short, a new dress and shoes.


rode to the basketball game Friday evening Dec 9 with Jerry Yoder? Paula & Sherry Bliss, Eve Yoder and Joy Moore

January 31, 1961


has a new baby sister? Connie Adams.

This and That

Judy Stroup plans to enter a Wichita hospital Thursday, Feb 2 for treatment.
Dana Schroeder and Sandra Richardson were two high school girls seen at the grade school basketball games Monday evening, Jan 23.
Jerome Steffan is the only freshman who has a car.

Did You Know?

Ted Starnes has had the mumps.

Have you heard?

Sue Spangler has a new Clarinet.

Students Read Many Books

Since Jan 10 scores of students gave book talks to Mrs. Keith at noon hour or after 3:30. Among those giving stimulating interpretations and showing deep understanding of people in their particular books from our class were:
Linda Sue Ludwick, "Friend William" a biography by W. Wallace
Sharleen Hulsebusch, "Where Two Ways Met" by Grace Hill
Howard Kennedy, "Champions" by Bob Richards
Judy Casey, "Bring 'em Back Alive" by Frank Buck

April 18, 1961

It's unusual

to find a literature book like Carol Malone's--it is accurate, complete, prompt and precisely written.

Did you know

Allen Koen gave a 6 minute informative reading about modern China for his classmates, Wed April 4th


is going steady with a boy from Sterling? Sherry Bliss

News briefs

Freshman girl called the best dressed

Paula Bliss, Jim Fowler, Melvin Cruth, Kathy Smith, Stan Seuser and Sherry Bliss went to "Saturday Night Date" Sat April 8 at which Stan and Sherry won prizes for being the best dressed couple. He got a bottle of Old Spice and she got a bottle of Cologne Faberge'

November 12, 1963

Felix On The Prowl

Bob Peebler and Sue Spangler have been taking and developing their own pictures, So far they've done pretty good.

Saturday, Nov 2 Patty Link had a pizza party. Those who came were Connie Adams, Carol Kirsch, Lawrence Mitchell and Keith Livingston. It was reported they had  a "real blast" eating pizza, talking, riding around and just "goofing off"'

Sandra Richardson was hostess to Sharlene Hulsebusch, Dale King, Barbara Link, Dick Keesling, and Jim Gillespie after the painting of the merchants windows, Nov 5. Everyone enjoyed cake and pepsi's while playing ping pong.

On Nov 1, Dick Keesling drove his grandmother to Montville, Missouri. He spent two days visiting his relation. He then drove as far as Kansas City with his cousins, where he then took a train to Geneseo, Ks. His car had been left for him to drive home in at the wee hour of 3:00 am

Top Ten at Chase High

The chase High students voted on their favorite song Wed, Nov 4. It was a popular vote for "Deep Purple" as number one.
Here is a list of the top ten as tolled.
1. Deep Purple
2. Never Love A Robin--Bobby Vee
3. Sugar Shack--Bobby Gil and the Firefalls
4. Fools Rush In--Rick Nelson
5. Washington Square
6. Blue Velvet--Bobby Vee
7. Walkin' Proud
8. Bad Girl
9. It's All Right
10. I got A Woman

The yearbook shows that Sharleen was crowned Queen

May 25, 1964

Mary Taylor Johnson Class of 1963 loaned my Sister Paula Bliss Bieberle and I, her copies of the Kats Kapers
that she had on hand. Here are a few jewels I gleaned out of them for our class---

April 12, 1960

Malt Shop Opens

The malt shop has been reopened under the new management of Mrs. Rita Koen ( Allen Koens' Mom). It had been redecorated along with a new addition of a fountain and jukebox. This makes a neat place to have a coke after school and listen to records. The teenagers appreciate it much.

September 27, 1960

This and That

Sandra Richardson is planning a party for her birthday which is to be September 27.
Barbara Link and Sharleen Hulsebusch led the freshman class in spelling by spelling all the words in their first test correct.


Gave each other egg shampoos at initiation? Sue Spangler and Jim Gillespie.
Are students employed by the local IGA grocery store? Bob Adams, Mike McClure and John Robl

Did You Know?
Yvonna Ruckert had a happy birthday with several guests and many gifts such as purse, sweater, necklace, and similar presents.

Socially Speaking

Mrs Joe McGee brought nine besides herself home from the State Fair in her car. Her guests were: Roberta Spangler, Sue Spangler, Sharleen Hulsebusch, Sandra Richardson, Jim Perriman, Jim Fowler, Barbara Link, Karen McGee and Richard Spradlin.

Freshman News

Joyce Casey worked at the Del Mar Cafe and at the Patio at Lyons during the summer.
5 of the 10  boys: Jim Gillespie, Ted Starnes, Frank Conde, Allen Koen, and Howard Kennedy have received swats for misdemeanor.
Edith Werther moved to Palco where the company transferred her father.
13 of our freshman graduated from St Mary's School
Dick Keesling had his 14th birthday recently and hopes to have his drivers license soon.
 The freshman class had a going away party for Edith Werther Tuesday evening, Sept 13 and gave her several beautiful gifts.

October 18, 1960

Honor Roll for First six weeks
Sharleen Hulsebusch 5 A's Allen Koen 2 A's, Sandra Richardson, Jerome Steffan, Vonnie Ruckert, Howard Kennedy,
Marilyn Dupont, Linda Ludwick, Carmen Malone, Carol Malone, Sue Spangler & Judy Casey all had 1 A

Have you heard?
Sharleen Hulsebusch missed only one out of 100 points in the six weeks test in English 1.


Is dating Barbara Link? Larry Haxton

Socially Speaking

Jerry Easley, Carmen Malone, Leon Kelso, Judy Lawler, Barbara Meyeres and Floyd Osborn went to Hutch Sat evening. They enjoyed hamburgers and cokes while there.
John Robl drove his car to Marquette to the football game. With him were Sondra Young, Mark Spangler, Sue Spangler, Barbara Link and Karen McGee

Students explore the world through books
Early in the morning, at noon and after the 3:30 bell you see students giving book talks to Mrs. Keith.  Students enlarge their vocabularies acquaint themselves with careers, and gain a deeper insight into life as they state theme of a book and their reactions. From our class were: Carol Kirsch, 'Lost Violin' by Clara Judson, Janet Stroup "Mother' by Kathleen Norris, Patty Link "Call It Courage" by Sperry, Linda Ludwick "Kazan" by Curwcod, Yvonna Ruckert "Winter at Valley Forge" by Mason, Sharleen Hulsebusch "Down River" by Richard Church

November 01, 1960

Dating Data

Barbara Link, Larry Haxton, Carmen Malone, Jerry Easley, Patty Link, Larry Dolloff,
Carol Kirsch, Mike Robles, Pam McClure, Chuck Cregg, Sherry Bliss, Jerome Steffan

Sue Spangler was nominated for Football Queen

Did You Know?

That the following Seniors have a younger sister  that is a freshman: Nadine Link ( Patty),
Paula Bliss (Sherry), Lola Ray (Elma), Bob Adams (Connie) and Dennis Ruckert (Vonnie)

Have you heard?

Sharleen Hulsebusch reported the book, " The Old Man And The Sea" and
Sue Spangler told about Jean McKechnies book "Mystery of the Hidden Treasure"

November 29, 1960

Honor Roll for Second six weeks
Jerome Steffan 4 A's, Judy Casey 2 A's, Marilyn Dupont 3 A's, Sharleen Hulsebusch 5 A's, Allen Koen 3 A's, Sandra Richardson, Sue Spangler, Linda Sue Ludwick and Carol Malone all with 1 A

Freshman plans for Thanksgiving
Sandra Richardson--Seminole, OK
Allen Koen--Missouri
Carol Malone--Hutchinson, Ks
Barbara Link--Bartlett, Ks
Elma Ray--Eldorado, Ks
Sherry Bliss--Osborne, Ks

January 24, 1961

Honor Roll for First Semester
Sharleen Hulsebusch 6 A's, Carol Malone 2 A's, Linda Sue Ludwick 2 A's, Jerome Steffan 4 A's, Allen Koen 2 A's,
Sandy Richardson 2 A's, Judy Casey 2 A's, Marilyn Dupont 2 A;s & Sue Spangler 2 A's

Did You Know?

Pamela & Michael McClure will attend Harper High School the second semester.
Joyce Casey spent the weekend visiting her sister, Betty Sneath

January 31, 1961

Have you heard?

Howard Kennedy has dating Sue Spangler recently.

Barbara Link out of our class was nominated for Basketball Queen

February 28, 1961

This and That

Linda Truhlar and Annette Short have new hair-dos.

March 14, 1961

Honor Roll for Fourth Period having A's

Home Ec 1--Patty Link & Linda Sue Ludwick
Algebra 1--Marilyn Dupont, Sharleen Hulsebusch & Allen Koen
English 1--Judy Casey, Sharleen Hulsebusch, Allen Koen, Carol Malone, Carmen Malone, Sandra Richardson & Sue Spangler
Spanish 1--Judy Casey & Sharleen Hulsebusch
Drawing 1--Allen Koen & Jerome Steffan
Music 1--Carmen Malone & Carol Malone
Health--Marilyn Dupont, Sharleen Hulsebusch, Linda Sue Ludwick, Carmen malone, Vicki Mernaugh, Karen McGee, Sandra Richardson, Sue Spangler & Carol Malone

March 28, 1961

Did you notice?

Dick Keesling going away winner of the door prize at the carnival--the prize, a transistor radio.

May 2, 1961

Did you know?

Mary Johnson, Dennis Ruckert, Vonnie Ruckert and Janet Patton

Four classes; Senior Dennis Ruckert, Junior Janet Patton, Sophomore Mary Taylor and Freshman Vonnie Ruckert won gold medals at Hays State Festival with their saxophone quartet.
Linda Sue Ludwick, Carmen Malone and Allen Koen earned highest scores among 35 Literature 1 students April 17.
Connie Adams of Literature I and Joan Dick of Literature II gave  volunteer books talks Mrs. Keith the last periods April 18 & 19.
Frank Conde has one ambition---to run fast enough to help break a relay record with the help of three classmates in his Junior year. He is a freshman now.


Went to Wichita Monday April 24 for a Catholic Youth Convention? Patty Link & Carol Kirsch

This and That

Sherry and Paula Bliss went to Sterling Monday evening to see the Senior play, "Death Takes A Holiday"

Did you notice?

Vicki Mernaugh and Elma Marie Ray memorized and gave two special poems "The Cockpit in The Sky" and "High Flight" for Literature I Tuesday morning April 25

May 16, 1961


Burned her  three fingers on her left hand? Carmen Malone
Rode in the Centennial Parade at Lyons? Vonnie Ruckert
Have worn bright scenic shirts? Freshmen boys
Rinsed her hair red? Joyce Casey

This and That

Sharleen Hulsebusch had a party Friday, April 28, all attending reported a good time.
Carmen Malone, Barbara Link, Garry Reed and Larry Haxton rode to Lyons Sunday night after Baccalaureate.
Karen McGee and Sue Spangler went to Wichita Monday.
Dave Peebler, Howard Kennedy and Allen Koen went to the rodeo at Great Bend May 11
Joyce Casey is working at the Patio at Lyons.
Elma Ray and Linda Ludwick are making matching outfits in Home Ec. 1.
Jim Ray, Sheryl Kennedy, Howard Kennedy and Sue Spangler went to Lyons after Baccalaureate Sunday.
Karen McGee, Barbara Link made attractive blue outfits in Home Ec.

Did You Know?

On May 2 Janet Stroup had a minor but painful accident of turning back her big toe nail. The Doctor cut off the nail and Janet missed no classes.
Joey Simmons stapled 150 school papers for Mrs Keith: Annette Short taped on addresses and mailed them at 4:00 Tuesday afternoon, May 3.


September 19, 1961

Came into the English room breathless after changing a tire for the first time in Drivers Ed class?  Judy Stroup

Have you heard?
Vonnie Ruckert, sophomore, is the new student librarian of 1961-62.

This and That
On September 6 Linda Sue Ludwick and Elma Ray dressed as twins in turquoise blue skirts and white blouses.

Did You Know?
Allen Dean Koen was in the Lyons Hospital three days and four nights recently.
Mary Casey, Francis Brady, Joyce Casey and Melvin Brady attended the Lyons Drive In theater Sunday night, Sept 3, viewing 'Pepe'
That Howard and Sheryl Kennedys father has been transferred to Russell Ks. Howard and Sheryl are finishing out the year here, then will join their father in Russell.

It's Unusual

To have five students attending Chase High School whose last name is Malone.
(Footnote) two were in our class Carol Malone and Carmen Malone
 To have two football players in the Lyons Hospital in the same room together: Frank Conde and Chris Coffman

Joyce Casey worked at Jacks Drive In in Lyons
Allen Koen at Koens Korner in Chase

October 10, 1961

November 14, 1961

Carol Malone, Vicki Mernaugh, Linda Sue Ludwick, Janet Stroup, Judy Stroup and Elma Marie Ray on Nov 8 prepared and served a tasty meal. The menu consisted of baked ham, escalloped potatoes, green beans, French bread, a tossed salad, complemented by a delicate white cake and iced tea. This luncheon was served from a table with a beautiful Thanksgiving theme centerpiece.

November 28, 1961

Honor Roll

Sharleen Hulsebusch 4 A's, Carol Malone, Carmen Malone, Sandra Richardson, Sue Spangler, Linda Sue Ludwick, Jerome Steffan, Karen McGee all got 2 A's, Allen Koen, Barbara Link, Janet Stroup and Judy Stroup all got 1 A

This and That

Allen Koen gave an entertaining and correct report or Mark Twain's book "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" on Monday Nov 20.
Among 31 good essays written in English II Nov 14-17 were: Carol Malone's "Drug Addiction", Ted Starnes' "Drinking And Driving", Judy Casey's "Duties of a Citizen" and Elma Ray's "The Law of Living".
Sharleen Hulsebusch, Dale King, Sue Spangler and Howard Kennedy came home in Dale's car from the Vocal Concert Friday evening and stopped at Jacks in Lyons for hamburgers.
Barbara Link, Carmen Malone, Karen McGee and Sharleen Hulsebusch enjoyed a slumber party at Sue Spangler's home Sat Nov 11.

Book Talks 0nNov 22
Patty Link  Sliver Wings" by Hill, Linda Sue Ludwick "30, 00 on the Hoof" by Grey, Barbara Link "Auntie Mame" by Patrick Dennis, Carol Kirsch "Glass House" by Morse, Richard Keesling "Block That Kick" by Archibald, Sharleen Hulsebusch "Getting Along" by Elsbree, Vonnie Ruckert "Just David" by Porter and Sandra Richardson "Anne Frank" by Day

December 19, 1961


Karen McGee and Mary Taylor for helping decorate for the Student Council Dance Sat night Dec 19

This and That

Linda Truhlar had a neck operation from which the Doctor removed the stitches Friday evening Dec 8.
After church services Sunday evening Dec 3 Mary Taylor, Jim Gillespie, Glenda Howell and Leon Kelso enjoyed hot buttered popcorn and iced cokes at Glenda's father's home.

November 29, 1962

Halloween Party
Carol Malone was hostess at a Halloween slumber party at her home October 31. Guests were Janet, Judy and Georgia Stroup, Linda Sue Ludwick, Connie Adams, Patty Link, Carol Kirsch, Annette Short, Marsha Caldwell, Donna Malone and the hostess. Those unable to attend the party were Vicki Mernaugh, Karen McGee and Sherry Bliss. The evening was enjoyed by dancing and playing games along with refreshments.

Have you heard?
Jim Gillespie writes notes.
Gary Huck is looking for a date

Surprise Party
On November 13, Sandra Richardson was the hostess of a surprise birthday party for Sue Spangler. Guests were Barbara Link, Carmen Malone, Sharleen Husebusch, Charlise Easley, Sue Spangler and the hostess. The group enjoyed eating pizza and pop. Then they rode around the town and made a few trips around the football field. It was reported back that all had a good time.

Jim Gillespie is making a camping trailer  in Mechanics class.

Was seen with Howard Kennedy over a long weekend? Sue Spangler
Ran out of gas on the way to school? Vicki Mernaugh

Did you know?
Barbara Link
wears a pearl ring given to her by Jerry Yoder
Janet Stroup goes with Charles Bybee from Lyons
There are seven Malones attending Chase High School
Carol Malone & Vickie Mernaugh will soon begin typing in the Typing 1 class

January 15, 1962

Have you heard?

Barbara Link likes haunted houses.
Kenny Malone had a New Years Eve Party
Jim Gillespie made a bulletin board for Mrs. Erskine

Howard Returns
Howard Kennedy
, former Chase High School student, spent the week-end of  Jan 5 in Chase. He visited relatives and friends. Karl Tague a Russell schoolmate of Howards came with him. They attended the Chase Hollyrood game Friday night. Saturday night Howard, Sue Spangler, Karl, Sandra Richardson, Mary Taylor and Jim Gillespie went bowling in Lyons and returned to Sandra's for pizza and spent the remainder of the evening watching Television. Howard and Karl returned home to Russell Sunday afternoon.

Konfusing Komment taken from the column Kats Komment by Sharon & Dana
Jim Gillespie likes to staple shut cut-offs!

February 27, 1962

Orchids to
Gary Huck who always gives you a friendly smile

Have you heard?
Allen Koen and Dick Keesling buy a head of lettuce three times a week and carrots twice a week for their guinea pigs

It's unusual--
 To see notebook work as neat and accurate as that of prepared by Sandra Richardson and Carmen Malone
To read more interesting short stories than those written by Judy Casey and Carol Kirsch
To find more interesting livestock owners than Allen Koen and Dick Keesling who daily study the diet and weight of George & Greta their guinea pigs
To discover more pleasant dispositions than those possessed by Marsha Caldwell and Sue Spangler

May 15, 1962

Did you notice?

Carol Malone's stylish blue frock she wore Friday May 4."
Annette Short's lace trimmed check outfit.

This and That

Carmen Malone had the measles and missed the sophomore hayrack ride party on Saturday afternoon, May5.

Did you know?

Sharleen Hulsebusch purchased her beautiful formal in Wichita.

October 16, 1962

Have you heard?

Frank Conde is getting to come home this Sunday for a leave of 10 days. He will be home in time to celebrate his
Mothers birthday. She is sure happy that he gets to be home for a few days.

September 25, 1962

Did you know?

Dick Keesling, Carla Jones and Dennis Lohmann attended a Lutherin Youth Convention in Bladwin.
Vonnie Ruckert spent two weeks as assistant councilor at Camp Hazen

Have you heard?

Gary Huck wanted to go to Sucicide Hill while on his vacation

December 4, 1962

Honor Roll

Sharleen Hulsebush 4 A's, Sandra Richardson 3 A's, Carmen Malone and Vonnie Ruckert with 2 A's, Carol Kirsch, Carol Malone, Linda Ludwick, Connie Adams and Judy Casey  all with 1 A

Dating Data

Chuck Younkin is dating Sharleen Hulsebusch, Carol Malone is now dating Bub Haxton, alumni '62, Carla Jones and Jerome Steffan are dating steadily, Linda Truhlar is going with Butch Gates.

Students enjoy Thanksgiving

Sherry Bliss went to Osborne, Ks, Connie Adam went to Great Bend, Ks, Annette Short went to Coffeyville, Ks, Jerome Steffan went to Pampa, Tx and Jim Gillespie went hunting in western Ks.

Bill's party
On Friday night Nov 16 after the senior play Bill Little held a little get together. Those who attended were Jerome Steffan, Carla Jones, Dick Keesling, Barbara Link, Chuck Younkin, Sharleen Hulsebusch and Vickie Neal. They danced and were very happy when the food was brought in. It seemed they were more interested in eating than dancing.

Seems that the favorite songs this date around school were "All Alone Am I" by Brenda Lee, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Die" by Johnnie Tillison and "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Other popular ones were "Go Away Little Girl" by Steve Lawrence, Limbo Rock" by Chubby Checker and 'Shake, Rattle And Roll" by Bill Haley and the Comets

December 18, 1962

Did you know?

Jerome Steffan's '55 Ford defeated Pat Malone's '55 Dodge in a drag.
Kenny Malone had a flat tire last week.
You are automatically expelled from school if you are seen moving your car from school at noon.

Junior Play
On Dec 6, 1962. the Junior class had their play and had a real good turnout. The name of the play was "Saved by the Belle" Some outstanding characters were Judy Stroup, Connie Adams and Vonnie Ruckert

January 29, 1963

Honor Roll

Sharleen Hulsebusch 3 A's, Sandra Richardson 3 A's, Judy Casey, Linda Ludwick, Carol Kirsch, Vonnie Ruckert and Carmen Malone all had 1

Camera Club
The camera club of Chase High has chosen its representatives from each class to collect pictures. Sherry Bliss was chosen from the Junior class. These people will collect pictures for use in the yearbook and paper.

Student leaving
Karen McGee, a junior at Chase High School is moving to Larned. Mr McGee will be employed as the manager of the Co-op feed mill there. Karen will be missed by all.

Jim Slings paint
On the afternoon of Friday Jan 18, 1963, Jim Gillespie stepped into the mechanical drawing room and playfully tossed a can of white paint to Pat Malone just as Pat entered the room. In mid air the lid came loose from the can and paint flew al over Pat, all over the drawing desks, all over the pop machine and all over the floor, There was a moment of deathly silence and then Gillespie and Malone roared with laughter. Luckily the can contained a water-based paint and after a good half hour of scrubbing by Jim, Pat and Mr. Salisbury the paint was removed.

February 12, 1963

Did you know?

Sandra Richardson wasn't able to attend the band clinic because her sax was being repaired?
Vickie Mernaugh is going steady with Larry Young who lives in Lyons?
Gary Huck is still waiting for his class ring?
If Vonnie Ruckert wasn't on the bus the trip would be lifeless?
Sherry Bliss and David Adamson won the twist contest Saturday, Jan 26, at the Lyons City Hall

February 26, 1963

Chase Theater Opens
On February 8, Mr. Bill Kelley opened the Chase Theater, owned by Ralph Clites of Drummond, OK. Mr. Kelly chose as his first movie "Gidget Goes to Hawaii". There seemed to be a great crowd for the first movie. Some of the students there were Brenda Singleton, Steve Kurth, Vicki Mernaugh, Pat Malone, Anna Brailoff, Danny Martin, Joan Dick, Mickey Wasinger, Sharleen Hulsebusch, Sherry Bliss, Bill Little and Vickie Neal. Everyone seemed to be very appreciative of the show opening and they also seem very interested. The inside appearance still needs work but is coming along very nicely.

Did you know?

Linda Truhlar was seen with Butch Gates Monday night at the band clinic
Janet Stroup broke up with Charles Bybee
Vonnie Ruckert, Cathy Coffman and their friend Annette Short sing between classes. They sing such songs as "Everybody Hates Us", Brownie Scout Song, and "I Wish"

Kustom Kar Korner

March 12, 1963

Honor Roll

Sharleen Hulsebusch, Linda Ludwick 3 A's, Vonnie Ruckert, Judy Casey, Carol Malone, Jim Gillespie with 2 A's, Sandra Richardson, Barbara Link, Carmen Malone, Janet Stroup, Judy Stroup, and Linda Truhlar all with 1 A

Kats Coloring Book

When Patty Link and Carol Kirsch arrive color them tardy.
This is Vicki Mernaugh. She had pretty hair. Color it ratted.
This is Carmen Malone. Color her sitting on a dishpan.

Karen McGee, former student of Chase High School who transferred in the second semester is reported doing fine. Karen is taking almost the same subjects as she did here. They are Home Living, Constitution, English and Typing. Karen says she likes it there very well but she misses her former classmates in Chase.

Did you know?

Jim Gillespies Mother sent Mary Taylor a cute box of stationary.
It is harder to find two friends closer than Judy Stroup and linda Lufwick.
Vonnie Ruckert took Mary Anne Ashley's place in the speech play on Feb 21

Sandra Richardson and Jerome Steffan were voted  to be candidates out of the Junior class for Yearbook King and Queen.

Looked like Barbara Link, Janet Stroup, Carol Malone, Jerome Steffan, Linda Truhlar, Judy Casey, Jim Gillespie, Judy Stroup, Vonnie Ruckert, Carol Kirsch, Sherry Bliss, Dick Keesling, Sandra Richardson, Patty Link, Carmen Malone, Marilyn Dupont, Kenny Malone, Sue Spangler, Sharleen Hulsebusch and Annette Short all had purchased their copy of the Kats Path 1963

March 26, 1963

Chase Has Recreation Center
Last Thursday night Bill Kelley opened up the show to all comers as a recreation center. Bill has three ping pong tables, coke machine, candy bars, cards and a pool table. Records were played over a loud speaker and room for dancing was provided.

Kats Know

Barbara Link and Sandra Richardson walked to Barb's house Wed after school.
Sandra Richardson, Sue Spangler and Barbara Link gathered at Sue's house Tuesday. March 19 for pizza and then spent the night at Sandra's.
Sue Spangler went to the tournament at Hutchinson with Howard Kennedy.
Carol Malone has been dating Tom Lloyd from Liberal. He recently joined the Navy.
Vonnie and Annette are taking solos to Larned.
Jim Ray called Sharleen Hulsebusch last Wed night. They are going steady.

Jerome Steffan placing crown Mickey Wasinger

Kustom Kar Korner

April 9, 1963

Looks like Janet Stroup, Judy Stroup, Sherry Bliss and Annette Short completed a garment in Home Ec.

Kats Komments by Sharon & Dana

Jerome Steffan has been embarrassed lately by a very "candid" snapshot taken by Ronnie Forshee. Ask him about it, everyone!

Did you know?

Larry Melcher, Kenny Malone, Dale King and Larry Haxton went fishing March 31
Dick Keesling has torn his transmission up again
This is the first time Annette Short, Ronnie Forshee and Linda Truhlar ever took a solo to festival

April 30, 1963

Honor Roll

Vonnie Ruckert 3 A's, Sharleen Hulsebusch and Carol Malone with 2 A's, Carol Kirsch, Patty Link, Vicki Mernaugh, Janet Stroup, Judy Stroup. Judy Casey, Carmen Malone, Sandra Richardson and Kenny Malone all with 1 A

Industrial Arts Fair
Mr Salisbury's shop classes will enter projects at the Indrustial Arts Fair at Hays on April 26 and 27. Jim Gillespie will enter a gun rack, Jerome Steffan will send a night stand. Kent Brown will enter a coffee table and Paul Osborn will send a towel rack. Kenny Malone will enter a welding cart and Pat Malone will send his cattle loading chute. Each student in the drawing classes will enter a booklet of drawings. Some of theses will be sent down on Thursday.

Did you know?

Linda Truhlar is working on the trap drums for "Dixieland Jamboree"
Sherry Singleton and Linda Truhlar made dresses alike in Home Ec
Vonnie Ruckert has been working at the show
Sandra Richardson went riding April 35 with Jim Gillespie
Jerome let his little brother Larry drive his car

It's The Truth

Jim Gillespie, David Ray and Roy Hoover went to the sandpit April 18 after school

Kats Komments by Sharon & Dana

Vonnie Ruckert went to the State music festival Sat, April 27, where she played her tenor saxophone solo that rated a 1 at the District Festival in Larned
Many thanks to Sue Spangler for writing up the Junior-Senior banquet and Prom for the journalism class. The news is turned in on Friday and as the prom was held on Sat, Sue did us the favor of writing it up in advance.
Speaking of the Prom, it was very nice and the Seniors enjoyed it very much.

Slumber Party for Students
Janet and Judy Stroup had a slumber party at their home on Sat, April 20. Their guests were Linda Sue Ludwick and Carol Malone

May 15, 1963

Kats Know

Who ate a half gallon of Chocolate ice cream at Jerome's?

Dance At Theater
On Thursday, May 9,a dance was held in the Chase Theater owned by Bill Kelley. The starting time was 7:30 and dancing ended at 11:00. Music was provided by The Imperials a group from McPherson, Ks. The combo was made up of four guitars and a drummer. The room was decorated in red and white crepe paper.

Under Kats Komments by Sharon and Dana they noted to the Junior class--
To our "long time" school pals the Juniors, we turn over all the senior "stuff"/ The paper, yearbook, pictures, parties and " leadership of the school". Good luck with them, especially the last two for you've already some "experience" with these! Driving Linda Ludwick to school and trying to solve Keesling problems has been quite an "experience" for these reporters. Vonnie Ruckert has really been a jovial friend that we'll long remember.

Junior-Senior Banquet And Prom

April 27, 1963, the Juniors held their Junior-Senior Banquet and prom. The theme was "Wonderland By Night" The servers wore pajamas and night caps and served a delicious meal of chicken fried steak, The prom followed with music by The "Thundermen". Some couples seen dancing were Barbara Meyeres and Duane Haxton, Mary Taylor and Jim Gillespie, Barbara Link and Dick Keesling, Carla Jones and Ronnie Forshee. Toni Mernaugh and Junior Smith, Janet Stroup and Charles Bybee, Marsha Caldwell and Frank Vincent and Carmen Malone and Garry Reed. It was a really enjoyable evening for all.


I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane and thanks to Mary for the loan of her Kats Kapers.
If any of you have articles not shown here and want to share, just email them to me.

Hope all you from the Class of 1964 AND any who have been in our class at one time or another are getting your registrations in the mail for The Chase All School Reunion--Sept 25-28. If you never received a registration form or lost yours just let us know and we will get you one. You can check out details on the Chase Alumni website  under 2008 Newsletter.----

November 13, while eating at McDonalds with Cole and our five grandkids, I had the pleasure of seeing Dennis Singleton, Class of 1967. Actually he saw me and came over to say Hi. I really enjoyed talking to him and was glad he came over. He and my brother Paul was in the same class and they were best friends. Good to see you Dennis!!

Found this in a 1962-63 Kats Kaper

Junior Characteristics

Joyful---Vonnie Ruckert
Useful--Linda Ludwick
Neatest--Barbara Link
Interesting--Gary Huck
Ornery--Jim Gillespie
Rugged--Dick Keesling
Charming--Janet Stroup
Happiest--Sue Spangler
Admirable--Kenny Malone
Rascal--Sherry Bliss
Artistic--Sandra Richardson
Cautious--Linda Truhlar
Truthful--Annette Short
Exciting--Connie Adams
Radiant--Carol Kirsch
Self Confident--Carman Malone

Kats Kapers

September 30, 1963

Senior Class Officers
President--Sharleen Hulsebusch
Vice President--Jerome Steffan
Secretary--Linda Sue Ludwick
Treasurer--Carol Malone
Student Council--Sandra Richardson
Sponsors--Mr Arnold & Mr Salisbury

Where'd They Go?
Summer means vacation, and these Seniors went to--
Dick Keesling----Pittsburg and Kansas City
janet & Judy Stroup--Coffeyville, Ks & Oklahoma
Vonnie Ruckert--Longmont, Co
Judy Casey--Oklahoma
Sharleen Hulsebusch--California for the whole summer

Kats Kapers

October 29, 1963

Felix On The Prowl

Mr Sexton has picked the Senior Sextet. Those who are in it are
Patty Link
Carol Kirsch
Vicki Mernaugh
Carmen Malone
Sharleen Hulsebusch
Carol Malone

Barbara Link is spending the week with Sue Spangler
while Barbara's parents are away from home.

October 17, a brief assembly was held as Mr Arnold had a few things to tell and instruct  the students on. At this time Mrs. Laessig presented the track medals won last year in the 440 relay to Vicki Neal, Sue Spangler, Barbara Link
 and Sandra Richardson

Kats Kapers

December 10, 1963

Our New Student
Gene (Rusty) Anglin, daughter of Mr & Mrs Clint Anglin enrolled as a senior in CHS Monday Dec 2.  She came from Jay High School in Jay, OK. Gene has two brothers and two sisters. When asked what she thought of Chase she said, "It's little but I like it." Gene's favorite subject is English and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Erskine. When she has nothing else to do, Gene likes to just mess around. Chase High School welcomes Gene and hopes she will enjoy going to school here.

A Student Returns
Connie Adams a former CHS student, returned to Chase to finish her Senior year. Connie enrolled Wednesday, Dec 4. Connie started school Friday.
Glad to have you back Connie!

Kats Kapers

January 13, 1964

Senior Christmas Vacations taken--
Barbara Link--Calwell
Judy Casey--Wichita
Vonnie Ruckert--Herrington
Vicki Mernaugh--Emporia
Janet & Judy Stroup--Coffeyville
Dick Keesling, Jerome Steffan & Kenny Malone--Pittsburg, Ks & Joplin, Mo
Sandra Richardson--Oklahoma
Sharleen Hulsebusch--Nebraska

Janet Stroup received an engagement ring from Charles Bybee

Favorite Christmas Gifts
Sharleen Hulsebusch--White clock radio
Carmen Malone--Yellow skirt and sweater outfit
Janet Stroup--Diamond engagement ring
Sandra Richardson--Blue Samsonite luggaage
Sherry Bliss--Lavender wool dress
Carol Kirsch--Hair dryer
Gene Anglin--Stereo record player
Vicki Mernaugh--Black look-a-like sweater
Jim Gillespie--Wrist watch
Jerome Steffan--Sweater

Kats Kapers

January 27, 1964

Gals Dress Dolls
I suppose everyone has seen some of our Senior girls carrying around all kinds of dolls. Well, there is a good reason for the girls doing so. It's a Home Economics project. The girls were divided into groups of two and then each group was assigned a month of the year. The girls had to dress the dolls somewhat near the style for that certain month. They made the doll a suit of clothes, fixed her hair and made extra items a doll always needs. A sports outfit, a coat and hat, skirts and blouses are some of the creative work that will be found on the dolls. The girls in the Senior Home Economics class are Sandra Richardson, Carol Malone, Carmen Malone, Sue Spangler, Judy Stroup, Annette Short, Vicki Mernaugh, Janet Stroup, Carol Kirsch, Patty Link, Sherry Bliss & Gene Anglin

Felix Is There
If one has been in the auditorium during the past two weeks a new figure has probably caught your eye. Felix, the Chase High mascot, has taken his place on our new wall mats in the gym to be viewed by visitors of CHS for many years to come. Thanks to the expert painting and artist abilities of Carmen Malone, Vicki Mernaugh, & Janet Stroup, three Senior gals, the four foot Felix is a great emblem for all residents in the community of Chase to be very proud of.

Kats Kapers

February 10, 1964

Remember When These Girls were Queens?
1951--Twila Coffey
1952--Janice Foote
1953--Joyce Ankerholtz
1954--Not Shown
1955--Geraldine Blackburn
1956--Chanda Kearns
1957--Deanna Link
1958--Janet Proffitt
1959--Lana Call
1960--Connie Malone
1961--Lola Ray
1962--Barbara Link
1963--Joan Dick
1964--Linda Ludwick?, Sue Spangler?, Vickie Neal?,
 Patty Malone?, Linda Messick?
The next issue of Kats Kapers' named Sue Spangler

Kats Kapers

March 23, 1964

Beatles Rage On
The following comments were made by Seniors
on the Beatles who recently visited the USA
Vonnie Ruckert--"I think they are dumb, dumb, dumb!"
Dick Keesling--"I hate them with a passion. I think
they are nothing but a bunch of hoodlums."
Jim Gillespie--"It's a good thing they don't play by looks."
Sharleen Hulsebusch--They are different. I like them.
They have the sharpest music I have ever heard."
Carmen Malone--I like them all but their hair-dos."
Carol Kirsch--"Oh, I love them and I think they are real neat."
Sue Spangler--"I think they're sharp."
Annette Short--"Oh, I like them. I think they are so cute except for their hair."
Jerome Steffan--"They are good singers but I don't like the way they look."

Kats Kapers

May 1964

Class of 1964 Poem




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