Classmates back then--


               Vonnie Ruckert Schilling                 Jerome Steffan                    Annette Short Hoover               Janet Stroup Bybee


                          Jim Gillespie                         Judy Casey Mares                    Judy Stroup Albin                      Kenny Malone


                Sandi Richardson Hodnett             Linda Truhlar Miller             Marilyn Dupont Allmon        Linda Ludwick Heritage


                          Sherry Bliss Cole                     Sue Spangler York              Vicki Mernagh Young                  Dick Keesling    


                   Sharleen Hulsebusch Reed           Carol Malone Goble            Carmen Malone Razook          Barbara Link Phelan


                       Carol Kirsch Mitchell                   Patty Link Lewis                           Gary Huck                      Connie Adams Weber


                       Karen McGee Gilkey                     Arthur Minnerup                  Joyce Casey Brady                     Allen Koen


                               Frank Conde                                   Elma Ray                               Ted Starnes                        Howard Kennedy


                          Edie Werther Couture                 Pam McClure Reed                     Mike McClure                          Jerry Keller   


                          Sharon Long Bradford                    Billy Ibach                    Dianne Honeyman HIll

Class History:

Kindergarten--We were taught by Miss Rensch and our class consisted of Vickie Mernagh, Phil James, Annette Short, Larry Ashley, Barbara Link, Melody Davis, Mary Ann Simmons, Teddy Starnes, Edie Werther, Shirley Bayer, Carl Patton, Connie Lock, Mike McClure, Larry Black, Sandra Harmon, Howard Kennedy, Bobby Miller, Judy Stroup, Mary Lou McConnel, Sharon Long, Rhonda Ford, Vonnie Ruckert, Katherine Sissel, Opal Moore, Carol Malone, Ronnie Ricker, Marsha Caldwell. Sue Spangler, Sherry Bliss.
   First Grade Public School was taught by Mrs Walker and those that joined us that year were Allen Koen, Kenny Adams, Billy Cannon, Gary Huck, Danny Coldwater, Linda Swartout, Billy Ibach, Sandi Richardson and Linda Truhlar. Leaving us were; Bobby Miller and those going over to St Mary's.
   Second grade public school our class was divided up and taught by Mrs Poole and Mrs Underwood. Joining us that year was Bruce Hamburger and Jimmy Casey. Leaving was Ronnie Ricker
   Third year public school those who joined us were Karen McGee, Joyce Casey, Charles Hurst, Karen Adams,  Janet Stroup, Mary Lou Rogers and Donny Rierdon. Leaving us that year were; Charles Hurst, Rhonda Ford, Jimmy Casey and Larry Black
   St Mary's Class consisted of Carol Kirsch, Patty Link, Carol Malone, Carmen Malone, Kenny Malone, Jerome Steffan, Mike McClure, Pam McClure, Barbara Link, Vickie Mernagh, and Sue Spangler.
   Fourth year public school  joining us was Suzanne Castle and leaving were; Karen Adams, Kenny Adams, Billy Ibach, Mary Lou Rogers and Melody Davis.
 St Mary's --Judy Casey came for a few weeks and then left again.
   Fifth year public school was taught by Mr Harms and those joining us were Frank Conde, Carol Belote, Karen Sloan, Elma Ray, Stanley Harms and Carol Gobel. Leaving were; Suzanne Castle, Mary Lou McConnel, Larry Black, Jimmy Adams and Katherine Sissel.
   St Mary's Judy Casey came back
   Sixth year public school, joining us was Linda Sue Ludwick and leaving were Sharon Long, Shirley Bayer, Bruce Hamburger, Donnie Rierson, Connie Lock and Larry Ashley
   Seventh year public school, joining us were Sharleen Hulsebusch, Pete VanHorn and Dianne Honeyman. Leaving were Carol Belote and Stanley harms. Linda Swartout returned after being gone a year.
   Eighth year public school, joining us were Jim Gillespie and Patty Holmes. Leaving was Dianne Honeyman.
   Freshman year-- When we reached high school St Mary's and the public grade schools merged back together, so starting the freshman year was; Howard Kennedy, Dick Keesling, Linda Sue Ludwick, Barbara Link, Allen Koen, Connie Adams, Sherry Bliss, Joyce Casey, Judy Casey, Frank Conde, Marilyn Dupont, Jim Gillespie, Gary Huck, Sharleen Hulsebusch, Carol Kirsch, Patty Link, Karen McGee, Kenny Malone, Carol Malone, Carmen Malone, Pam McClure, Mike McClure, Vickie Mernagh, Elma Ray, Sandi Richardson, Vonnie Ruckert, Ted Starnes, Jerome Steffan, Sue Spangler, Jerry Keller, Annette Short, Judy Stroup, Janet Stroup, Linda Truhlar, Mary Ann Simmons and Edie Werther. Those leaving us during that year were; Edie Werther, Mary Ann Simmons, Jerry Keller and Mike & Pam McClure
   Sophomore year we lost Allen Koen, Elma Ray and Howard Kennedy
   Junior year we lost Joyce Casey, Karen McGee, Frank Conde, Ted Starnes. Arthur Minnerup joined us but left the same year.
   Senior year we lost Connie Adams and Gary Huck. Gene (Rusty) Anglin joined us for a brief time and left.

   Those attending school together all thirteen years were Vonnie Ruckert, Carol Malone, Judy Stroup, Vickie Mernagh, Annette Short, Barbara Link, Sue Spangler, Carol Kirsch and Sherry Bliss.

   Those attending twelve years were Sandra Richardson, Carmen Malone, Linda Truhlar and Jerome Steffan.

   To those classmates who started from the very first, came in the middle or left in the middle, to the ones who made the final journey and graduated as the Class of 1964, we want you to know, we are all the history of the Class of 1964 and are embedded in the hearts and memories of each other. You will always be a part of the Class of 1964 and a Chase Kat. You are welcome to attend any Class Reunions and any All School Reunions that are scheduled. We urge you to get in contact with us if we have not found you yet! You are not forgotten and we would love to see you again!

If any of our St Mary's classmates have any addition information on grade school information, please pass it on to me. And if any of this information isn't completely accurate it is due to the lack of records with the only source of information being available through photographs. 
                                                                                                             Thank you  Sherry Bliss Cole