Did we ever look like this?


For the 50th reunion Sandi Richardson Hodnett sent some photos to put on our digital
frame that we set up in our hospitality room. Here are those photos.

Sharleen, Barbara, Sue & Karen

Barbara & Carmen

Dick & Barbara


Sue, Barbara, & Sam

Sandi, Sharleen, Linda, Shirley & Karen

Sue, Carmen, Barbara, Sharleen

Junior play

Sharon, Karen & Shirley

Sandi, Sharleen & Carmen

Varsity Cheerleaders, Sharleen, Sandi, Barb, Sue

Sue & Carmen

Sandi & Carmen

Sharleen, Jerome & Tommy W.

Barb, Sue, Sharleen, & Sandi

Linda, Sandi & Karen



Barbara Wood, Sue, Sandi, Vickie Neal, Barb, Sharon Boldt


Kindergarten Class

 First Grade Class
I was thinking there was another first grade class. True and do you have a photo?

Second Grade Class

Third Grade Class

Fourth Grade Class

Fifth Grade Class

Sixth Grade Class

I do not have a photo of the Eighth grade. Anybody have one?


Sandra Richardson, Dianne Honeyman, Edie Werther & Karen McGee


Karen McGee & Sandra Richardson

Barbara Meyers, Barbara Link, Carman Malone & Sue Spangler

Sandra Richardson

Allen Koen

Howard Kennedy, Karen McGee, Joyce Casey,
Sandra Richardson, ?, Suzanne Castle & Edith Werther

Mary Ann Simmons, Connie Lock, Judy Stroup & Janet Stroup

Connie Lock, Shirley Bayer, Sandra Richardson and in front Tommy Lock

Mr. Harms classroom

Sharon, Marilyn Deardorf & Brenda Singleton

Linda Swartout, Karen McGee & Sandra Richardson

  Sandra Richardson, Karen McGee, Connie Lock & Shirley Bayer

Howard Kennedy

Sherry Bliss & Edith Werther

Sherry Bliss

Kenny Malone

8th Grade Graduation
Annette Short, Sherry Bliss & Elma Ray

Sharon Long

Freshman Initiation
Linda Sue Ludwick, Sherry Bliss & Mike McClure

Sherry Bliss & Vicky Mernaugh

Vicky Mernaugh, Paula Bliss & Sherry Bliss

Dick Keesling & Jerome Steffan

Howard Kennedy

Sue Spangler, Howard Kennedy, Mary Johnson & Jim Gillespie

Kenny Malone & Sharleen Hulsebusch

L-R Sherry Bliss, Marilyn Dupont, Kenny Malone & Judy Casey

Marilyn Dupont, Sherry Bliss, Carol Kirsch, Sue Spangler, Judy Stroup & back of Connie Adams

Dick Keesling, Jerome Steffan, Jim Gillespie & Kenny Malone

Dick Keesling, Jerome Steffan & Kenny Malone

Dick Keesling, Kenny Malone, Jerome Steffan, Janie Steffan, Harold Keesling & R.L. Malone

Kenny Malone

Sherry Bliss--3rd grade

Edith Werther--I think a freshman?

Vicky Mernaugh--I think a Freshman?

Sherry Bliss with Mike Scott--Junior Prom

Sherry Bliss--Senior Prom

Jim Martin '60 with date Sharon Long '64 at the 1960 Junior Senior Prom

Click here for photos from Freshman, Sophomore, & Junior Classes

I know some of you out there have photos to share.
 If you have any,  please scan them to me to add.


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