Class of 1964



  Chase High School
  Chase, Kansas

 Updated 06/01/2021


2021 All School Reunion October 14-17, 2021


55th Class Reunion   1964--2019
Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK

Sherry Bliss Cole, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Kenny Malone
Patty Link Lewis, Carol Kirsch Mitchell and Karen McGee

Our support group, Gerald Cole, Merle Lewis, Judy Malone and Jim Hodnett

2017 All School Reunion Class photo

Left to right--Marilyn Dupont, Sherry Bliss Cole, Annette Short Hoover, Kenny Malone, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Jerome Steffan, Barbara Link Phelan, Karen McGee Gilkey, Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Patty Link Lewis

Our support group 2017 All School Reunion ~~

Left to right~~Gerald Cole, Pat Phelan, Della Steffan, Jimmy Hodnett, Merle Lewis

      50th Class Reunion   1964--2014  

Taken in Hutchinson, KS during the 2014 CHS All School Reunion. 

Carol Malone Goble, Dick Keesling, Judy Stroup Albin, Allen Koen, Carol Kirsch Mitchell, Karen McGee Gilkey, Patty Link Lewis, Kenny Malone, Sue Spangler York, Gary Huck, Marilyn Dupont, Jerome Steffan, Sherry Bliss Cole

Our amazing support group
Della, Steffan, Gerald Cole, Frank York, Melvin Gilkey,
Bobbie Koen, Merle Lewis, Judy Malone

'Some people touch our souls and stay in our hearts forever'

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