More 40th class reunion pictures--

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JL Harold & Judy Malone

Patty Link Lewis, Merle Lewis, Gerald Cole & Gary Huck

Sherry Bliss Cole, Edie Werther Couture & Sharon Long Bradford

Judy & Howard Kennedy

Allen Koen & Mary Taylor Johnson '63

Grace & Keith Lumpkins

Annette Short Hoover & Howard Kennedy

Allen Patton & Allen Koen

Patty Link Lewis & Marilyn Dupont Allmon

Mary Taylor Johnson,'63 & Brenda Singleton Nightengale,'63

Larry Ashley & Sherry Bliss Cole

Memorabilia of 1964 plus the wallhanging and photo album that Judy Malone made

Celebrating Gary Hucks birthday that landed on our reunion day

Our appreciation to Kenny and Judy Malone for having us there

More of our appreciation. A John Deere Cannister Set

Larry Ashley and his original high school car

The back of Larry Ashleys car, the tag reads 'SQUEAK'

Larry Ashley letting Judy Kennedy dream on

Jim & Sandi Richardson Hodnett

JL Harold manning the BBQ

Back Row-Sherry Bliss Cole, Edie Werther Couture, Patty Link Lewis, Allen Koen, Marilyn Dupont Allmon, Kenny Malone, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Larry Ashley, Gary Huck, Howard Kennedy
Front Row-Sharon Long Bradford, Annette Short Hoover holding Felix the Kat, Grace Gillespie Lumpkins

Support group-Jim Hodnett, Gerald Cole, Merle Lewis, Judy Malone, Keith & Grace Lumpkins, Allen Patton & Judy Kennedy

Larry Ashley, Allen Koen, Howard Kennedy & Gary Huck

Sherry Bliss Cole, Marilyn Dupont Allmon, Grace Gillespie Lumpkins & Patty Link Lewis

Howard Kennedy, Gerald Cole & Sharon Long Bradford

Judy Malone presenting Mary Taylor Johnson,'63 with a photo album for all of her dedication to the Chase Alumni and the ChaseAlumni website

Judy Malone presenting Sherry Bliss Cole, for her part in the reunion, with the wallhanging she made

Breakfast the next morning in Lyons-Jim Hodnett, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Gerald Cole, Sherry Bliss Cole, Patty Link Lewis & Mary Taylor Johnson,'63

Marilyn Dupont Allmon, Mary Taylor Johnson,'63 & Judy Malone

Jerome Steffan & Sherry Bliss Cole

Kenny Malone, Merle Lewis & Gary Huck

Gerald Cole, Sherry Bliss Cole & Patty Link Lewis

Jerome Steffan, Marilyn Dupont Allmon & Mary Taylor Johnson,'63

Little bit of trouble-Kenny Malone, Gerald Cole, Jim Hodnett, Merle Lewis, Gary Huck & Sherry Bliss Cole

Before our goodbyes-Sherry Bliss Cole, Patty Link Lewis, Sandi Richardson Hodnett & Judy Malone

One more for the road-Gary Huck, Merle Lewis, Patty Link Lewis, Kenny Malone, Jim Hodnett, Sandi Richardson Hodnett, Gerald Cole & Sherry Bliss Cole

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