My Felix Room

                         This is where I keep all of my Felix collection. Feel free to come in and  browse awhile------did a remodel of my Felix room so will add these photos~~~


The following photos are how it looked before the remodel.

This wall hanging was made by Judy Malone   


This wall hanging was made by Oretha Wadkins


This is mostly from ebay 


 The photo album on the bed was made by Judy Malone

The scarf  on the photo bookcase was made by Judy Malone


Cowboy Felix---he's one of my favorites


 The bag came from Australia


                                                                                                                                                                   This vest is covered with Felix pins


This quilt was custom made for this room
by Oretha Wadkins, she  is Coles sister


 I dressed Felix up


Felix needed casual

Felix as a jester, I did not do this to him


Felix Rabbit, I also did not do this


 Felix Duck, or this

Felix Patriotic, or this

Gift from Janet & Chuck Gray


I have added some new stuff as you can see


Felix Christmas stocking

Added some more Felix plush and a yearbook I liked


More Felix plush


Felix sign


 Another view of the bed


 I have added a tie and suspenders

Pat Werther Douglas made this wall hanging

At the 2011 All School Reunion Gary Lewis won this table made by Kenny Gomez.
Gary was generous enough to give it to me for my Felix room.

The wooden Felix on the wall was made by Jay Laessig in 1999 and was won at that reunion by Mike Allen.
Roberta Allen generously donated it back for raffle at the 2011 reunion and it was won by my husband Cole.
The Felix cookie jar was give to me for Christmas by my friend Iris Devena.

At the 2011 All School Reunion banquet, the CHS Alumni Association
presented me with this gift and it was made by Janet Kirsch Gray


Some versions of the Felix pins that are on the vest are available for purchase in the Kats Kraft Shoppe They came from Canada and are very cute. We sold quite a few during the Reunion but still have some available. If you are interested, look at the photos in the Kats Kraft Shoppe page of the Chase Alumni Website.

Thank you for stopping by------

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